Do You Hear Us Sing?

--- 2019 Formosa New Year's Concert

Ni hao, 2019! Let's welcome the new year with songs representing "The Sounds of Taiwan". Jointly organized by the One Song Orchestra and the Stan Foundation, the 2019 Formosa New Year's concert opens up possibilities for citizens to hear the sounds of Taiwan in the form of classical music, and at the same time, presents the music to international audience so that the beauty of Taiwan becomes more visible.

The Concert highlights a diversity of sounds in Taiwan: indigenous music, folk songs, pop music, and Taiwanese opera. Branding for the Concert centers around Formosa, meaning "the beautiful island" in Portuguese, while the visual of the poster incorporates the image of the violin, musical notes, and staves. It is hoped that this modern visual design can leave a strong impression on everyone both home and abroad.

Music is one of the most accessible cultural aspect in people's life. It is our privilege to invite emerging artists in Taiwan having solid classical music background to perform works of Taiwanese composers. We believe it is not only a great opportunity to enhance musical literacy of the general public, but also to create a sensational night for the world to enjoy the uniqueness of Taiwanese music.

This is the first year we held "The Sounds of Taiwan" 2019 Formosa New Year's Concert. I look forward to making this Concert a recurrent event and an iconic festival celebrating musical essence of Asia. Furthermore, I hope "The Sounds of Taiwan" Concert can one day be recognized as a counterpart of the Vienna New Year's Concert.

As the Chairman of the One Song Orchestra Fan Club, I am calling for more fans to join the Friends of One Song. Let's become the driving force of the Orchestra and follow them in every concert. The sounds of Taiwan are bound to travel far and wide across the world!

Stan Shih, Chairman of the One Song Orchestra Fan Club


  1. Overture of New Year's Symphony A Flight Over Taiwan/ 新年交響序曲《飛越臺灣》
  2. Suite of Hakka Symphony / 客家交響組曲
  3. Suite of Aboriginal songs / 原住民歌謠組曲
  4. Lukang Image Symphonic Poetry / 鹿港映象交響詩
  5. Raining in April Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra / 四月雨小提琴協奏曲
  6. Suite of Old songs / 老歌組曲
  7. Suite of Taiwanese campus folk song / 校園民歌組曲
  8. Suite of Pop music / 當代流行音樂組曲
  9. Select pieces of Taiwanese Opera / 歌仔戲選曲
  10. Symphonic Poetry of Taiwan Music Collection / 臺灣音樂集錦交響詩

Events venue,

16:30 (GMT + 8 ) Jan. 1, 2019 at Dahu Park, Neihu, Taipei

Event live broadcast at


Che-Yi Lee / Music Director & Conductor

Born in Kaohsiung, Che-Yi Lee has composed about 2,000 works and arranged nearly 5,000 works of various types. His works include musical theater, dance drama, stage play, all kinds of cross-border theater, children's drama, film and TV commercial soundtracks. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has conducted more than 2,000 performances and has composed songs, arrangements, and soundtracks for hundreds of professional performing groups, both at home and abroad. He has also performed at dozens of international arts festivals and has produced about 90 albums. He has been nominated for the Golden Melody Awards 29 times and won the Best Composer Award at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards and won the Best Creation Award at the 27th Golden Melody Awards. He was awarded the "Best Annual Dance Music Award" by the "Hong Kong Dance Awards" in 2015, won the Best Classical Music Album Award of "China's Top Ten Hot Records" twice, and was one of the finalists in the 2010 "Chinese Golden Melody Award" for the Best Classical Music Album Award.

One Song Orchestra

In February 2017, the One Song Orchestra of Taiwan, a music group dedicated to showcasing Taiwanese music works, made its debut in the music scene in Taiwan. During the first year, the Orchestra has gained high recognition from the public. Many influential figures sharing the same vision have come to Mr. Lee's support, among which Mr. Stan Shih, one of the most important pioneers in the computer industry of Taiwan, contributes handsomely to the One Song Orchestra. In the 2018 Season, the One Song Orchestra has performed more than 60 concerts, with an average of 80% full house for each concert. We are aware of the necessity and importance of focusing on our own culture.

The One Song Orchestra performs two types of music. One is the creation of Taiwanese composers' and the other is the music works which are inspired by the Taiwanese cultural elements. The mission of the Orchestra is to enrich classical music with Taiwanese culture and to revitalize the Taiwanese music with classical music practice. The members of the One Song Orchestra are excellent young musicians who have received solid classical training. Each member has profound love in promoting the originality of Taiwanese music.

VASA Paiwan Traditional Dance & Music Troupe

VASA Paiwan Traditional Dance & Music Troupe, established in 2010, is one of the students' associations of Taitung Bin-Mao Junior High School dedicated to the transmission of traditions. It aims to assist tribal youth to trace their own Eastern Paiwan culture. By means of 7-year dedication to learning traditional ballads, dancing, and annual rituals, members ranging from age 13 to 20 have been taught to shoulder the important mission of inheriting and carrying forward the conventional culture and arts.

The Troupe is named "VASA" for it means "taro" in Paiwan language. The founder hoped that these children can grow like taro which can withstand any adversaries with bare soil, water, and sun. "VASA" also coincidentally sounds like "venting" in Mandarin for literati in ancient times enjoyed venting their emotions through lyrical writing.

Hostess/ Mei-Feng Chen

Ms. Chen is a very popular figure in the entertainment business of Chinese language crossing Asian countries.

Host / Han-Yang Chang

Mr. Chang won 13 Golden Bell Awards and 7 Culture Bell Awards. Mr. Chang is also invited as the host for many events such as the concert of Taiwan Pure Strings

Supporting operations,

Music Director / Che-Yi Lee


Executive Director / Tsung-Yang Ou


Chief Executive Officer / Pei-Yi Tsai



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